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Multiwordnet online dating

Here, we focus on one of the innovative features that we want to introduce in the dictionary, at a relatively small cost-due to the way the dictionary will be compiled out of a Swahili corpus: explicit visualization of derivational hierarchies-essentially a learner-oriented feature, but also serves as a basis for further lexicographic/lexicological applications.We primarily discuss our motivation for this idea and its XML implementation.Nel 2006 il database per la lingua inglese conteneva circa 150.000 parole organizzate in più di 115.000 synset, la maggior parte dei quali sono connessi ad altri synset da relazioni semantiche.Word Net attualmente è usato nel ramo informatico (in particolar modo nelle università), per lo sviluppo di sistemi WSD Word sense disambiguation.

This paper concentrates on the definition and characterization of verb classes and the criteria followed in the assignment of a verb to a specific class.confirmation, extension and generation, of lexical entries in distinctive variant dictionaries for German.Examples are those variant dictionaries developed by Ammon et al.Previous attempts at formalization have focused on enforcing strict ontological control of the semantic types for the frame fillers-despite their insignificant use-due to high ambiguity-in the actual Frame Net.We propose a different approach relying on representation of Frame Net as a 4D multidimensional ontology that allows capturing of the "precedent" knowledge encoded in the manually annotated texts, like Frame Net's full-text annotation reports.

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Corpora built for linguistic varieties of a pluricentric language such as German are an indispensable resource for a detailed and systematic variety comparison and dictionary development.